How the Process Works

Date: 28/05/24
How the Process Works

Adding graphics to your vehicle may seem daunting to some, but rest assured—our team of experts at HEX Graphics is here to guide you through the process, making it as seamless as possible!

How the process works: 

Transforming your ideas into reality begins with you enquiring about your vehicle wrapping.

This enquiry will be passed onto our fantastic sales manager, Reegan Campion Westwood, who will then contact you to kick start the process!


We will set up a discovery call to discuss your unique needs and wants. We are committed to helping you align your fleet with your brand identity and create a clear, impactful message that truly represents your brand essence.


Once we’ve discussed everything you need and your budget, we will hand this over to our talented graphic designer, Kevin Smith

The graphic design process aims to put all of your ideas into a visual representation and, once complete, will make any amendments or tweaks you may want and alter them accordingly until we have the perfect design ready to go!

Prototyping & Production 

If your order includes multiple units, we’ll walk you through the prototype stage to ensure you’re happy with the vehicles you’re receiving. 

Our team will produce a prototype kit and install this to one vehicle for sign-off.

Upon approval, the production process begins! Your design will be sent to our top-of-the-range HP Latex 1500 printer, which produces super wide applications with speed, quality, control, and eco-friendly features, including water-based ink and no harmful chemicals.

Once printed, your graphics will be sent to precision cutting, ensuring we produce clean and accurate edges while minimising waste and aligning our production process with eco-conscious principles.

The final step to our streamlined process is sending your fresh new graphics to our talented technicians in the workshop to apply them to your vehicle(s).

We do more than vans.

No matter the shape or size of your vehicle, we have the knowledge and skills to create a design that will bring your new brand to life.

And it doesn’t stop at vehicles. We can rebrand anything from commercial fleets to helicopters, and we even do interior branding!

To view our gallery and some of our previous work, click here

Kick off your process today and give your fleet the refresh it deserves by clicking here.

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