Meet The Team - Lewis Dilks

Date: 25/04/24
Meet The Team - Lewis Dilks

Lewis joined the HEX Graphics team after finishing high school in September 2023 as an Apprentice Signage Technician and hasn’t looked back since.

With many options being offered at 16 years old, Lewis knew for a while that he wanted to do something practical after finishing his GCSEs as opposed to going down the traditional A-Level or B-Tech route. He has always loved the idea of ‘earning while you learn’!

Since joining the team, Lewis has taken a deep dive into the world of signage. His days vary from altering the visual graphics and their dimensions, lending a helping hand in production, and learning the entire process of signage development, from conception through to launch.

As a fairly new member of the HEX Graphics team, we asked Lewis what he liked the most about being an apprentice here: “The people absolutely make it. Everyone is so friendly, and it is inspiring to be surrounded by so many creative-minded people, whom I am lucky enough to have as my co-workers.”

“My plans for the future involve completing my apprenticeship over the next two years, and upon completion, I will be a fully qualified Signage Technician. I can see the career development possibilities here at The HEX Group, and I am excited to see what the future holds!”.

At the end of his two-year apprenticeship, Lewis will be guaranteed a role within the business, which applies to all apprentices in each division of The HEX Group.

When Lewis isn’t at work, he can normally be found on or at the side of a football pitch. He is an avid Liverpool FC supporter and plays Semi-Pro for Walsall Wood!

We are glad to have you on our team, Lewis, and we can’t wait to see what you can achieve!

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