Vehicle Rebrand: Why we do it?

Date: 17/10/23
Vehicle Rebrand: Why we do it?

With the right branding, your vehicle can be instantly recognised on the road. When is the right time to consider a rebrand, and why should you do it? There are several factors to consider in a rebrand. With this helpful guide, we look at exactly why we do it and how we support our customers through the process to ensure maximum results.  

Bring your Brand into the 21st Century 

The first and most obvious reason for a vehicle rebrand is to refresh your current look. Times change quickly, as does brand identity – you want your vehicles to reflect that. Whether it's rejuvenating an old livery for a modern aesthetic or a complete rebrand, HEX Graphics has you covered. Working with some of the UK's leading and most recognisable fleets, our expert design team are on hand to help you get the most out of your branding and stand out from the competition.  

Special Events or Commemorative Livery 

Your business vehicles are a conduit for your brand identity and the messages you want to portray publicly. Increasingly, this has translated into special or commemorative liveries designed to mark particular events or achievements, allowing for different branding and reinforced messaging around certain milestones. Used to mark charity initiatives, product launches and other significant events, a commemorative livery is a fantastic way to shout about the things you and your business care about while ensuring your vehicle stands out on the road.   

Sustainability and the Environment 

With growing concerns over issues of the environment and sustainability, there is a conscious effort across the industry to become more eco-friendly. As fleets become electrified and more and more petrol and diesel vehicles are replaced with more sustainable alternatives, there is an opportunity for businesses to think about how this can be reflected in their branding. This is not only a move that signals your intentions and policies towards the environment, but it can also really resonate with consumers who prioritise eco-consciousness. 

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